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There are so many wonderful reasons that make France one of the most sought-after world destinations to have a once in a lifetime experience. More and more people around the world have been making France their go-to vacation spot, creating spectacular memories by experiencing the many beautiful and amazing but very different regions of France, over and over again.

I love the French. I really do. The food and wine are to die for and the people have always been super nice to me because I know about 10 French phrases and they will love you for that. My recommendation is to experience the hustle-bustle feel of Paris (the city of Light). Climb the Eiffel Tower or tour the best museums in the world where you are just inches away from a Monet, Manet, Renoir, van Gogh, Degas, Seurat (and many more) or a Michelangelo masterpiece. Dine at a Michelin 3 Star restaurant or a bistro. Get up early, rent a car or take the train but explore small but gorgeous villages and towns while sipping the best coffee or espresso at thousands of sidewalk cafes, taste the best wines in the world by visiting Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, Provence for incredible Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Rosé, travel to local markets and buy fresh produce to create an unbelievable picnic with vegetables that taste amazing…like vegetables should, plus marvel at the beautiful countryside that one day will become my second home. There are so many attractive destinations that people can visit in this extraordinary country.

house on the side of a cliff next to the oceanCorsica is amongst the most famous places that people love to visit. This place, also known as “Beauty Island”, proves that its scenery is beautiful enough to mesmerize anyone who plans a visit to this wonderful place.

There are many famous wine regions of France that you just have to visit, at least once in your life. I love driving through small villages sampling their local fare. As you go from town to town you will be astounded by many beautiful mountains that attract travelers and hikers from all around the globe. But I have to say one of the most amazing locations I can never forget is Paris. Famous for its romantic atmosphere and considered to be one the most desirable places to visit for singles or couples around the world. Paris will stay with you forever.

People also love the ancient Roman architecture and art collections of this amazing place. The capital of France’s Mediterranean border district is Nice, which is famous amongst travelers, especially in summer because it provides a fun-like atmosphere sitting under umbrellas and palm trees staying out of the afternoon sun while enjoy the best food and wine in the world according to me. FYI…I happen to like visiting the lovely small Mediterranean town of Cassis . Ever try pizza with a fried egg or fantastic seafood or some of the best desserts your taste-buds have ever sampled? Go ahead and make a memory. You’ll be back again and again.

Travel tips:

Before visiting one of the many regions of France, think about where you want to make home base and travel out from there always giving yourself extra time to stop and make a memory at many wonderful towns and villages.  If you want to travel to a new place everyday, reach out to a travel specialist who speaks both languages for an amazing vacation experience. Even-though I’ve visited different regions of France many times, I’m always with a travel expert. Honestly all I need to know is what wine should I try today!



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